Jade Jackman is an emerging filmmaker who likes to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction in her work. As a self-shooting director, she can often be found looking through things like cameras, books, and nightclubs on the search for a new story. She is particularly passionate about work that relates to gender equality and gender based violence. Her music videos and content pieces have been featured in places such as Nylon and Vanity Fair. However, she is best known for her form breaking documentary work which has received praise in places such as i-D, Dazed & Confused and caused Sleek magazine to define her as a filmmaker forging a new form of political filmmaking. Having said that, other people suggest she might be better suited to making horror movies.

Due to her work relating to women's rights and representation, she has been nominated for a place on Amnesty International’s Suffrage Spirit Map and featured in the ‘change your world’ section of ASOS magazine. For two years running, she has been placed on the Dots as ‘woman to watch’ on International Women’s Day by other stellar creative women such as Zing Tsjeng, UK editor of Broadly, Liv Little, editor of gal-dem and Danielle Pender of Riposte magazine.

She has worked as a staff documentary filmmaker for VICE as well as working freelance for publications such as the Guardian, Nowness, Refinery29, i-D, the Huffington Post, El Tiempo & many more. She has shot in the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico City, Kabul and more. Most recently, she won best emerging short film director at the British Film Institute’s Future Film Festival.

She can be contacted at jade.shamraeff@gmail.com.

She is currently represented by Black Dog Films which is part of Ridley Scott Creative Group.