Writing and photography commissions

Written work and featured photography. I have written and shot for Dazed & ConfusedHUCK magazine,  i-D magazine, VICE, the Debrief, Refinery29, Index on Censorship, the 405 and the Huffington Post.


What It's Like When Someone Masturbates At You In Public: This occurrence is far more common than you might think, and UK laws still don't firmly categorise it as sexual assault.

Meeting Britain's 'Low Value Immigrants'

Meet the People visiting the reclaimed Holloway Prison

Refinery 29:

What Afghanistan's young female leaders are fighting for

Meet the woman changing perceptions music in Ghana

Photographer Nicole Tung on shooting in Syria

This Lawyer Is Dedicated To Fighting Corruption in Afghanistan

The Women Who Shook Up British Politics in 2015

What Happened When We Asked Our Grandmas About Body Image

Why I Photography My Best Friend Naked

i-D Magazine:

How do you make a film about detained women your government doesn't want you to see?

Why POC filmmaker are more important than ever

London's Sisters Uncut March was a reminder of what feminism really means

Why Islamophobia should matter to you...

India's Daughter director Leslee Edwin on feminism and having your film banned 

Dazed & Confused:

Linked to my Dazed writers profile here but, if you can be bothered, some of my favourites are...

Meet The Exiled Lebanese Performer Who's Fighting Back

The Refugees Hunted and Attacked By Regimes For Rapping

Getting To Know China's Youngest Pop Prodigy

What Will Happen If We Leave Europe...

The Women On The Frontline of Documentary Photography

The Journalists Working In the Most Dangerous Place On Earth

Despite protests, the Government Votes For Syria Airstrikes

Is London's Soho Loosing It's Sex Appeal?

The Debrief:

The Female Journalists Reporting From the Most Dangerous Place In the World

Meet the Woman Breaking Down The Stereotypes About Wearing A Veil

Jeremy Corbyn's 'Women Problem': The Cases For & Against

Queen's Young Leaders Diamond Jubilee Bursary (articles):

Aleksandra Bilic: Telling stories

HUCK Magazine:

3D North Korea: Hypnotic Photo's of the Secretive State

Crisis after crisis, Athens remains resilient in its beauty

Where Is Ana Mendieta? Protestors storm opening night at the Tate [PHOTOGRAPHY]

Why I Organised The Big Gay Kiss In [PHOTOGRAPHY]

Black Lives Matter Protest [PHOTOGRAPHY]

24 Hours in East End Sisters Uncut Occupation

HERO Magazine:

These young artists are changing the world through spoken world [text & photography] 

Wonderland Magazine:

Kojey Radical interview [photography]

The 405 magazine:

Lost Festival

Travel diary of Mumbai

Notting Hill Carnival and Interview with the Heatwave